Planet Waves Horoscope for Aug. 10, 2020 by Eric Francis

The Journey of You and Chiron | A New Reading by Eric Francis Anyone who has encountered it is curious about Chiron. Planet Waves provides one of the few dependable online sources of information on this unusual planet. For the 10th anniversary Astrology Studio reading, I will be covering Chiron in Aries — a momentous … Read more

Twenty-Five Years in the Life of a College

In 1991, an electrical incident contaminated campus buildings at a state college in New Paltz. In this article, we look back at the original incident, and what has changed in the world since then. By Eric Francis Coppolino Twenty-five years is a long time in the life of a college campus. Presidents, not just student … Read more

Day Zero: Venus Transit of the Sun

Note: Today’s archive selection, from June 11, 2004, highlights the first of a pair of Venus transits of the Sun — we had one in 2004 and one in 2012 — which bear similarities to today’s Mercury transit of the Sun. I feel for myself and detect only awareness of my senses: the bright, sweet … Read more

David Lang on Facebook

I have no doubt that CoVid was here long before the first official case was found. The initial cases in Wuhan were in October and November and there was no shortage of people coming here and traveling to Europe from that area during that time frame. During the last part of 2019 and the early … Read more

Eat Your Weeds

By Cheryl Corson First we grew heirloom tomatoes. Then we joined a CSA. Some of us got chickens or started indoor winter gardens under lights. What’s next? Eating weeds for dinner, that’s what.  Urban foraging is so hot that every workshop within 25 miles of Washington, DC is sold out in advance. What is urban … Read more

COVID-19 Timeline, December 2019 through May 2020

This research document is being prepared by Chiron Return, Inc., an affiliate of the Pacifica Radio Network. The novel coronavirus was first detected in early December in Wuhan, China. The initial outbreak was first reported in China on December 31 to the World Health Organization (WHO) at the end of December, but neglected to mention … Read more

Beyond the Paradigm of Paradigms by Eric Francis

“If the mayor chews the eraser off of his pencil during the meeting, put that in the story.” — from the Echoes-Sentinel Style Guide Even highly intelligent people tend to think in paradigms. Those are reality frames, or perceptual parameters. They describe one set of potentials, possibilities, definitions, concepts, and their own “laws of nature,” … Read more