The Ancestor

Link to original Dear Friend and Reader: On the first night that the Sun was in Scorpio, I fell asleep a bit early on the bed in my photo studio and awoke a few hours later from a lucid dream — a dream in which I knew that I was dreaming. I was in an … Read more

Storm Warnings: Astrology and the Assassination of JFK

Link to original Dear Friend and Reader: My original plan for this week was to write an interpretation of the chart for the assassination of John F. Kennedy, prior to the Mercury retrograde election on Tuesday, but then the storm intervened. I will get to Sandy and the election in a moment. First, let’s make … Read more

History, Turning on a Phrase

Published Oct. 8, 2010 | Link to original “We don’t want freedom. We don’t want justice. We just want someone to love.” — David Byrne / Talking Heads Dear Friend and Reader: Yesterday’s Libra New Moon quietly marked a threshold in world history, if you use astrology as a way of keeping track. We know … Read more

The Gingerbread House

Link to original “The construction of your gingerbread house will closely follow the building concepts of a real house. Proper planning is essential. You can make the gingerbread ahead of time, making sure to let it thoroughly cool in a dry area before wrapping securely to store. Be sure to allow plenty of time to … Read more