Benazir Bhutto and the Nuclear Axis

Dear Friend and Reader: YESTERDAY’S assassination of Benazir Bhutto, the beloved former prime minister of Pakistan and candidate in next month’s general election, was not merely the martyring of yet another pro-democracy leader. It was not just the murder of a dynamic, articulate and intelligent woman in a region of the world where women are … Read more

Monthly for January 2008

Introduction Dear Friend and Reader: TWO THOUSAND EIGHT is a year of an unusual transition: Pluto will begin its move from Sagittarius to Capricorn. Pluto is one of those bottom-line planets. It sets the theme for the rest of what we experience, spreading out so wide that it colors the entire landscape’s existence. With Pluto … Read more

Aries Point Alert: The Sky is Heading for Capricorn

Dear Friend and Reader: A CLUSTER of events the next few days is sending up an Aries Point alert: that is, global events on the horizon. The Sun is about to enter Capricorn for the southern solstice on Dec. 22 (winter solstice, up in the northern hemisphere). Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury are either in Capricorn or … Read more

Jupiter, Pluto & Signs of the Times

Dear Friend and Reader: EVERY MORNING I faithfully go down to Peter B’s Deli and read the Sally Brompton horoscope in the New York Post. It’s better than nearly any astrology book you can buy. Sally B. runs seven days a week, 365 days a year (just like Peter B). I could get it online, but it’s not … Read more

Inner Space for December 2007

Sagittarius: Intersellar Overdrive Dear Friend and Reader: THE COSMOS is thundering on our little Earth at the moment. Not everyone will be finding this pleasant, hearing the shocking vibration of their soul come through as a kind of last warning to get into motion; others are busting through years of resistance and karmic debris and … Read more

Pluto, Jupiter, and the Galactic Core

By Tracy Delaney and Eric Francis WE ARE currently experiencing a triple conjunction of Jupiter, Pluto and the Galactic Core, which we have been covering in recent weeks. Exact on Dec. 11, this would seem like a highly improbable triple alignment, since Pluto reaches the Galactic Core about once every 248 years, and Jupiter reaches … Read more

Through the Spiral Door – and Into Capricorn

I GUESS we could sum up the big news of coming winter in a few words: Pluto is entering Capricorn. So recently designated a dwarf, Pluto will have this odd new reputation tested as it ingresses the sign associated with government, big corporate interests, big science and the structure of society itself. These changes will … Read more

December Planet Waves Horoscope by Eric Francis

THE SUN IS now in Sagittarius, and has made a square to the lunar nodes commemorated by Saturday’s Full Moon in Gemini. Sagittarius is the sign of the Centaur, Chiron. Many astrologers associate Chiron with Virgo, which is true enough. However, one cannot help but notice the huge Centaur standing at the gates of Sagittarius … Read more

UAC Conference, Fool Moon and Horoscopes

Making the Most of an Astrology Conference Dear Friend and Reader: I mentioned a few weeks ago that we would be providing coverage of the United Astrology Conference (UAC) in Denver, which takes place May 15-20, 2008. This coverage is based on a relationship Planet Waves has with UAC, so we are in effect promoting the conference … Read more

Mars Rex in Cancer: Get Over Thyself

Dear Friend and Reader: MOST OF what astrologers do is help people get over their hang-ups and inhibitions. Astrologers work to peer into the psyche and better understand the inner workings of a person. We can allegedly glimpse the future or at least see how it’s developing. Some astrologers help their clients solve problems, but … Read more