Planet Waves Inner Space for January 2009

Aries (March 20-April 19) Yours is the sign of beginnings, and you certainly seem to be doing plenty of that. You have a mission in the world, but there is a deeper emotional or spiritual lesson, which is to keep your focus on your feelings as you strive to conquer the world. It is easy … Read more

Capricorn: Seeing in the Dark of the Moon

Dear Friend and Reader: We are approaching a Capricorn New Moon Saturday morning that I would classify as a “big chart.” I say this for many reasons, with much experience; the first reason being that we are in our first [Northern Hemisphere winter] solstice season with Pluto at 1 degree of Capricorn. This puts Pluto … Read more

Planet Waves Monthly for January 2009

HAVE YOU NOTICED how dense it can be on this planet? The weighty energetic quality comes in several forms: the unwieldy nature of physical reality; the often foggy, sleepy quality of human consciousness; our obsession with the past; our burning need to conform to what others think we should do; and the peculiar way something … Read more

2008: A Moment to Remember

Dear Friend and Reader: In today’s edition, let’s take a look back at the past four seasons, which seem to have whipped by like time-lapse photography. This was a year that Pluto changed signs: we will not forget it. We will remember for any number of reasons, personal and cultural. It was the year of … Read more

The Art of What? And a Big Full Moon

As part of our commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Planet Waves, we’re reprinting what I consider to be the first-ever Planet Waves essay, called “Astrology as the Art of Bullshit.” It was written in Munich the spring of 1998, more than six months before went on the air. I was in an email … Read more

Alternative Monthly Horoscope for December 2008

AriesĀ (March 20-April 19) After such an odd spell of relationship confusion, you can now return to pursuing your most meaningful goals. You’re about to feel the power of Pluto’s recent arrival in Capricorn, which is likely to arrive with the sense that you’re invincible. Little can stop you — if you remember your ethics, maintain … Read more

The Great Attractor (and our 10th Anniversary)

Are you enjoying getting toasted, warped and pushed by all this edgy Sagittarius energy? The Sun is not only conjunct Mars in Sagg, which would be more than enough to give you a dark tan indoors on a cloudy day. Both are at this moment magnifying the most potent source of electromagnetic radiation in the … Read more

Planet Waves Inner Space – December 2008

AriesĀ (March 20-April 19) For some people, social acceptance is so important they will do anything to keep it once they have it. Don’t be one of them. The story of the recent years of your life has been the struggle — if I may use such a strong word — to maintain your individuality while … Read more

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, November 28, 2008

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, November 28, 2008, #742 – By ERIC FRANCIS Aries (March 20-April 19) As you enter a phase of your life where achievement becomes the thing you reach for and finally attain, remember that you don’t matter quite as much without the people around you. Indeed, you may not matter at all. … Read more

Planet Waves Monthly – December 2008

Dear Friend and Reader: PLUTO IS in its final moments in Sagittarius until Dec. 18, 2241, when it returns to the sign of the centaur. Apropos of a major Pluto transit, the ingress to Capricorn is being attended by much drama and many truly unusual developments. And apropos of a change in historical eras, we … Read more