Lunar Eclipse in the Sign of the Moon

Dear Colleague or Contributor: It’s New Year’s Eve and we have an eclipse of the Moon in Cancer — the sign ruled by the Moon. Eclipses represent dependable transitions; this is fitting astrology for the end of a year, and even a decade. Yet by our calendar, this is not technically the end of the … Read more

Earth Stations Retrograde

Dear Friend and Reader: We’re now in that special moment: two planets stationing retrograde, two eclipses are on the way and Jupiter is making conjunctions. The first-ever Capricorn solstice conjunct Pluto is about to happen, in a square to Saturn. The Sun is now conjunct the Galactic Core. Everything really is happening at once. Many … Read more

Chiron, Jupiter, Neptune: We Live in the Technosphere

Dear Friend and Reader: Over the past few days, we experienced the conclusion of the Jupiter-Chiron conjunction in Aquarius. This has been working out all year; this week’s was the third of three contacts since May, then July. I believe this is one of those aspects that future astrologers are going to look back on, … Read more

The Winter Whirl: Planets on the Move

From mid-December through mid-January are some of the most whirlwind months of astrology in recent memory, and that is saying a lot. The nice part is that we who honor astrology can actually use it as a tool to make our lives a little easier. We are approaching simultaneous Mercury and Mars retrogrades, a lunar … Read more

Mercury, Sagittarius and the Freedom to Think for Yourself

  Coming Home to Potlatch By Judith Gayle¬†|¬†Political Waves Turkey Day is behind us, although there are probably leftovers in your fridge. That’s the best perk of the holiday, to my mind, except for the gathering of family, but I suppose that depends on whether you like your family or not. One of my favorite … Read more

Saturn, Pluto and the Hormone Cycle

Dear Friend and Reader: Where were we? Which page of history, exactly? Except for emailing grandma from the computer in your pocket and cars that talk to us (but still run on gas), we could be alive in any century or decade you like. One minute it feels like ancient Greece, then it’s Rome, then … Read more

Beyond the Reactionary Floorshow

Dear Friend and Reader: Sometimes I wonder if humanity is not a puppet, subject only to the influences coming from outside. I say this because as we approach the first exact square of Saturn and Pluto, events of recent days are so characteristic of this aspect that it leads me to wonder how, exactly, these … Read more

Personal, Political: Scorpio and Aquarius

Dear Friend and Reader: A wave of energy currently moving through Scorpio is likely to bring your most private thoughts to the surface of your awareness. You will discover them yourself first, then the next step is likely to be the need or the inspiration to tell others. I would regard this as a healthy … Read more

What exactly aren’t you scared of?

Dear Friend and Reader: As Saturn cleared the last degree of Virgo and made its ingress to Libra yesterday, I’ve been watching the world with extra curiosity; and I’ve been observing myself in the process of watching. It was a strange week, though I think that many of us have actually taken a step. Others … Read more

About that hole in so-called reality

Dear Friend and Client: In my second year at SUNY Buffalo, I took a course called American Norms and Deviations, taught by Robert Knox Dentan. He began the class by informing students, “Ninety percent of what you know is wrong.” It was a shocking concept at the time, since we were after all attending a … Read more