Inner Space — and the 2013 Annual

Your Monthly Horoscopes — and our Publishing Schedule Notes The January monthly horoscope was published Friday, Dec. 21. Inner Space for December was published Tuesday, Nov. 27. I recommend reviewing the monthly horoscope at the end of the month. The Inner Space horoscope for January is published below in this issue; we are continuing the break from regular subscriber issues … Read more

We’re About to Go Off the Map

Dear Friend and Reader: The third week of December has been, at least, the last week of the Mayan 13th baktun — a span of time within the Long Count that dates back to 3114 BCE, or 5,125 years. By human standards, that’s a vast reach, encompassing 1,872,000 days. A baktun is 144,000 days, though … Read more

The Mayans, Juno and the Abyss

Dear Friend and Reader: It’s time for yet another visit with the chart for 12/21/12 before the event itself. Well, maybe ‘event’ is too strong of a word, though this seems to be the conclusion of a 5,125-year span of history that began on Aug. 11, 3113 BCE, day one of the first baktun of the Mayan … Read more

Onward, Inward, and the Unseen Guide

Dear Friend and Reader: I have been boycotting the news lately, devoting myself entirely to the study of psychological and spiritual astrology for LISTEN, the 2013 annual. I have been studying my annotated 2013 charts, about 100 of them, since early July, and now is when I pull many planets and aspects together into a series … Read more

Deeper than Confetti: An Introspective Year

Dear Friend and Reader: I’ve been watching the news the past few weeks for signs and symbols of Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, which ended Monday. This and the surrounding astrology (covered in Tuesday’s edition featuring Twin Peaks) caps off a deeply introspective year. I feel confident saying everyone learned a lot about themselves. Yet it was also … Read more

Something About Juno

Dear Friend and Reader: The long-anticipated winter solstice of 2012 is now just weeks away. I may be one of the few people who has been considering the 2012 issue for 25 years who did not make a religion out of this event, which marks the end of the 13th baktun of the Mayan long … Read more

The Affairs of Captain America

Dear Friend and Reader: Everything in the world was proceeding normally and calmly as usual, and life was simple — that is, until Andrea Mitchell, NBC’s chief foreign affairs correspondent, interrupted MSNBC’s regular programming last Friday afternoon (Nov. 9) at 2:51 pm EST with the news that David Petraeus, the chief of the CIA, had … Read more

Let’s Not Do That Again

Dear Friend and Reader: The presidential election of 2012 has ended like waking up from a bad dream. For many it was more like a nightmare. For the past 18 months, we have endured a parade of fools served up by the Republican party, a pageant that rivaled the best efforts of The Onion or Saturday Night Live to … Read more

Storm Warnings

Dear Friend and Reader: My original plan for this week was to write an interpretation of the chart for the assassination of John F. Kennedy, prior to the Mercury retrograde election on Tuesday, but then the storm intervened. I will get to Sandy and the election in a moment. First, let’s make contact with this … Read more

Ohio (or: the Election Gets Personal)

Dear Friend and Reader: We keep hearing that the election may hinge on the results of one state — Ohio. There are several close states, but for a number of reasons, Ohio stands out. FiveThirtyEight, a blog project of The New York Times, has been running computer simulations of the many permutations of what might happen … Read more