Cuban Missile Crisis Finally Over

Dear Friend and Reader: The year seems to be ending on a positive note. Kenahorah! There are still two weeks to go, which include a rockin’ winter solstice, the Capricorn New Moon and a sign change of Saturn. Before I get into Cuba, New York’s ban on fracking and the solstice, in case you’re not aware, tonight … Read more

Reporting Live from the Uranus-Pluto Square

Dear Friend and Reader: Recently I’ve been getting more deeply into the work and the ideas of someone named Marshall McLuhan. He is a very cool philosopher who lived from 1911 to 1980, and I’m more excited about his ideas than ever. After working for many years as an English professor and not-exactly-bestselling author, Marshall … Read more

Hermes, Whispering at the Moon

Dear Friend and Reader: When the Moon opposes the Sun once a month, the planets don’t stop, though it’s one habit of astrology to pretend as if they do. Of course, most astrology is based on pretending to make the planets stop; they don’t stop at the time you’re born, but that moment, etched onto … Read more

Moonshine Horoscope — Gemini Full Moon Edition

By Len Wallick Aries (March 20-April 19) — Please consider how you may be in the process of associating with others and locating your place for the long term. It’s not so much about where you belong. It’s more about who you belong with. Neither is it so much about coupling-up; it’s more about grouping-up. Nonetheless, … Read more

Top Five Events of 2015 (and your December horoscope)

Dear Friend and Reader: If you made it through this much of 2014, you experienced some of the most wrenching astrology in recent memory. The cardinal grand cross of January and April, combined with Mars retrograde and some strategically placed eclipses, earned most of the current year the rating of whiplash machine. I’ll start with … Read more

Ferguson Grand Jury Decision: Revolt and Deception

Dear Friend and Reader: When Robert McCulloch said the words, “no probable cause exists,” it was 8:25 pm. He is the St. Louis County district attorney who revealed that a police officer was not charged with a crime after killing unarmed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, in August. That is, not charged after firing 11 … Read more

Sagittarius: The Ultimate Misfits, or the Ones Who Get It?

Dear Friend and Reader: Saturday, Nov. 22, is the Sagittarius New Moon exact 7:32 am EST (12:32 UT) — and it got me thinking. Years ago, a Sagittarian ex of mine said to me, “You’re the only person who’s never judged me for being who I am.” He was a creative, sensitive poet-type and was … Read more

This is About Chiron

Dear Friend and Reader: This week something unusual happened: scientists landed a probe on a comet. It took them 10 years to get there, not counting all of the design and preparations, and required many feats of astrophysics. You may have seen some of the astonishing photos that were sent back to Earth recently by … Read more

Party Out Of Bounds

Dear Friend and Reader: One of our researchers, Shelley Stearns, noted in a comment to Monday’s diary that Mars is out of bounds — just as it makes a conjunction to Pluto and Narcissus, and a square to Uranus. The planets in the solar system do not orbit the Sun on a flat geometric plane. Rather, they … Read more

Beneath the Frozen Waters

Dear Friend and Reader: Thursday morning I woke up thinking about the chart of George Lucas. His chart is distinctive because the Moon is his most elevated planet, and most of his other points are either below the horizon or in the 12th house, residing mostly in the dreamtime. His Moon is also in an opposition … Read more