In Search of Pluto

Dear Friend and Reader: Mercury retrograde is in full effect right now. Each one of these phases, which happen about three times a year, has its unique pattern, its own distinct feeling and its special challenges. Currently, Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn, and on Jan. 4 will track back into Sagittarius, changing to direct motion … Read more

Mercury Retrograde and the Electoral College

“The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy.” — Donald J. Trump, in a tweet Dear Friend and Reader: Many people have noticed that Mercury stations retrograde the day that the Electoral College votes, this coming Monday, Dec. 19. I’ve been asked a number of times whether I think that this will influence the outcome … Read more

Doing What You Must: Participating With Purpose

Dear Friend and Reader: Although the particulars will vary between individuals and among communities (both in-the-flesh and online), we seem to be in a moment of rich awareness and potential for participating with purpose. Issues like the standoff at Standing Rock and post-election developments are commingling with people’s usual end-of-year charitable giving habits and, of … Read more

Uranus-Eris: Remember, All Bets are Off

Dear Friend and Reader: I’m taking a week off from a big article to focus my efforts on The Book of Your Life annual readings. Thank you to all the people who have pre-ordered. I want to alert you to one vital issue developing in the news: the North Dakota governor has threatened to forcibly … Read more

Your December Horoscopes, and a Message of Thanks

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” — John F. Kennedy Dear Friend and Reader: When things get as rough as they have this year, and when the world seems turned upside-down like it has this month, gratitude can … Read more

The Chaos Factor

Dear Friend and Reader: We now have our first tangible result of full digital conditions: a Frankenstein monster of every vile or repressive political stance has been designated president-elect. A national Muslim registry? Really? Rounding up Mexicans? This has been an exhausting year. It’s been agonizing enduring the attacks on women, on darker-skinned people, on … Read more

Trigger Warnings

Dear Friend and Reader: The one item I don’t remember including in any of my election coverage is that this is all happening in the midst of the Uranus-Eris conjunction, so anything is possible. Maybe I mentioned it somewhere. Uranus is the god of ‘expect the unexpected’: developments, revolutions, upsets, inventions, breakthroughs. We got one … Read more

Where are the strong, and who are the trusted?

Dear Friend and Reader: Last week the new edition of Chronogram came in. That’s the regional magazine I’ve written for every month since early 1996. Chronogram always has excellent covers which by design are unconnected to any specific article. But they are often timely comments. With one glance my jaw dropped: the artist had summed up the state of … Read more

This is a Test: War of the Worlds

Dear Friend and Reader: For his weekly program on Halloween eve of 1938, a young Orson Welles tried something new. For some months, his Mercury Theater on the Air had run on Columbia Broadcasting System (the CBS Radio Network) with a small listenership. On the evening of Oct. 30, they decided to try doing a science fiction … Read more

A Closer Look at Election Night Astrology

Dear Friend and Reader: Last night, Donald Trump said something that has become the lead story out of the third presidential debate: he might not accept the election results if he loses. All week long he’s been bleating about rigged elections — as if there’s some conspiracy between black people, The New York Times, Hillary Clinton, … Read more