Virgo Sun & Rising — Monthly Horoscope & Sign Description

Virgo Monthly Horoscope for July 2020


Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — For years, you’ve been working toward a breakthrough, whether consciously or not. The power, purpose and determination of your soul has been driving this in a way you cannot block or effectively resist. While it may have manifested many ways for you personally (affecting your relationships and professional life, for example), in astrology it’s about your relationship to your creative core. In your solar chart (or natal chart, if you’re Virgo rising), Capricorn represents your 5th place (house). That is an odd combination, because Capricorn wants things to be structured, orderly and contained, and the 5th house wants play, celebration and to take risks. But there’s all of this internalized parental authority that mostly serves up inhibition. Enter Pluto in 2008, which has been driving, pushing, pulling, dragging and otherwise motivating you to dismantle all of those influences, and to express yourself in a way that actually feels free. Mostly, you need to feel free to take personal risks, most of them expressive. This is not a luxury, like browsing the aisles in a lavish art supply store. It’s more like the feeling of urgent passionate impulse to bust out and create anything so you can create yourself, including painting with condiments on the wall, or chopping up books to make a collage, or dancing till you drop from exhaustion. This astrology has now reached its peak. You are at the point where the benefits are coming through. I would remind you though: as passionate or sexual as you may be feeling, this is about you. Anyone involved is merely assisting — everyone needs to understand that.

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Sign Description for Virgo

(Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — Virgo is a mentally oriented, highly intelligent, nervous sign that needs to remember it’s made of the element earth, not air. That’s another way of saying that your life is a constant process of translating from idea to reality and back. Ideas are not enough. Yours is not the sign of science but applied science.


The difference is similar to that between working in theoretical physics and learning how to be a master baker, or using your skill in chemistry to be an expert hair colorist. Applying ideas can be challenging because the mental world changes so much faster than the often-stuck dynamics of the physical world, and we’re often at a loss for how to translate between the two. That would be your job: to identify ideas and how to apply them; to match up problems with corresponding solutions.

You must be a master of what you do, though you’re likely to have at least two dominant areas of professional competence and two entirely different careers you’re developing. You have a fast, inventive mind but may squander that on doubt, which is rooted in self-doubt. If you’re ever wondering where your creative energy goes, look there.

Of all the signs, Virgo needs to cultivate self-esteem as a primary life strategy. One way to do that is to mediate on fairness, and make sure that what you do actually honors your true principles. Having good self-esteem doesn’t mean you’re better than others — only that you are right to be you, to accept yourself and to be accepted for who you are — in that order.

This is one reason why so many Virgos opt for helping careers; it helps you to feel useful. You have a way of contradicting yourself and expecting others not to notice; it would help if you admit these contradictions so you don’t leave everyone constantly wondering where they stand with you.

Men born under this sign are well advised to make good friends with their inner woman. Virgos can be extremely hard on themselves and need to learn how to replace the criticism with a balanced level of self-appreciation, and valuing the subtle things in life. The planet of Virgo is ever-changing Mercury, and the mysterious Chiron is a close cousin.

If you want to understand yourself better, study where these planets are in your chart. You’re also sensitive to Mercury retrograde, so make sure you know when that’s happening and plan accordingly. Yours is a mutable sign, coming at the end of a season, leading into the next.

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